Church Pews - 5 Things To Know Before Buying

1.  Church Pews - “All Wood” not the same as “Solid Wood” Church Pews

church pews for sale“All wood” church pews does not mean the pews are are solid hardwood construction.  Many church pew companies use plywood or synthetic materials when making their pews. The pew is then covered with veneers or fabric to hide the low cost material used in the construction. These inferior materials will not last and the pews will start to come apart and will have to be replaced.  Veneers can be attractive because they can offer a lower upfront cost, but they have a tendency to chip away to the substrate.  When the number of years of useful life is considered, the solid wood church pews offered by Suburban Church Supply offers the best value.  Because we are located in the heart of hardwood timber country, we incur lower inbound transportation costs resulting in savings we can pass to our customers.


2.  Church Pew Manufacturer - Be Sure The Manufacturer is Properly Insured

Ensure that the church pew manufacturer who is to build, deliver and install your pews is properly insured.  If the church pew company is under-insured or not insured, this places you in a very risky position.  This risk is transferred to the church as soon as they write the deposit check.  There are many, many risk factors that can become reality over a six to eight week manufacturing process….such as fire in the manufacturing plant, damage to the product during shipping, accidents during transportation, just to name a few.  Churches should request a copy of insurance documentation prior to signing a contract.  Suburban Church Supply can furnish a copy of our insurance policies with a AAA rated national insurance company.  This protects your interest as our customers.  Asking the company for this information will give you one less potential thing that can go wrong.


3.  the Church Pew Seats -  Know what is under the fabric.

church pew manufacturing

The low cost and ease of fabrication entice many pew companies to use plywood or medium density fiberboard (MDF).  Plywood and engineered materials like MDF are great for specific applications, but for pew construction, it is not the ideal choice.  In reality, when pew seats and pew backs are fabricated, screws must be driven through the bottom edge of the back into the rear edge of the seat, which results in screws piercing the edge of the plywood seat.  This causes the plywood to de-laminate.  Plywood was designed to be screwed through the face, not the edge.  Dumas uses only solid yellow pine under the seat and back foam for superior screw holding power, offering years of dependable service.


4.  Church Pew Finishing - Know the stain and finish technique of the Church Pews

Church Pews finishes are applied several different ways.   The best staining system for church pews is a spray, dye based stain.  Church Pews from Suburban Church Supply are finished using dye based stains, which do not have to be agitated or mixed. giving you a consistently even finished.  Some church pew companies use pigment wipe on stains, producing a less consistent in color matching piece to piece.  Hand wiping stains can produce unpredictable results, especially when matching to a color.  Upon stain and sealing, we apply two coats of a fast drying, high performance, conversion lacquer which is very similar process to those used by fine furniture companies.


church pew installation5.  Church Pew Installation

Many pew companies use third party, independent contractors to install church pews.  Suburban Church Supply uses only “company employees.”  What is the difference?  Our experience has demonstrated that the installation will go better if performed by a loyal company employee who relies on the church pew company for their livelihood.  Our experiences with third party installation contractors convinces us that we can maintain quality and controls that best meet our customers’ needs by using our own employees.



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We will work with your church from start to end to make sure you get exactly what you need for your church.  We will come to your church for a presentation to your staff and then follow through until the pews are installed in the church to make sure everything is right.  The church pew ends define church pews and the design and quality engineering make them comfortable. We will do everything we can to make everything as easy as possible. 

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