Antique Pew Conservation

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Antique Church Pews Restoration By Suburban Church Supply

Antique Pew Restoration

Antique church pews are a symbol of a church’s history and service to God and  community.  Old world church pew craftsmanship must be saved if at all possible, and when it is at a necessity to refinish and restore the antique church pews of a church, you need a company that has the expertise and understanding to restore the pews to their original grandeur. 

Refurbishing antique church pews requires more that applying a coat of varnish.  It requires a company that understands how those centuries old church pews were constructed.  Conserving these church pews will involve separating the glued pieces and using the same type glue to reassemble the pews.  It will involve keeping the moisture content constant to prevent swelling and separation.  Some of the damaged pieces may have to be hand made and assembled using techniques not normally practiced by by today’s woodworkers.

Suburban Church Supply is proud to say we are a company that can meet all the challenges of conserving and restoring antique church pews.  We are more than a reseller of new church pews and church furniture.  We have the expertise and skill necessary to bring your antique pews back to their original condition, enhance their beauty and protect them for years to come.

We serve all types of churches and synagogues in the Southeastern United States and would love to help you restore your church pews or help with any church pew or church furniture need you may have.  We also have new pews and church furniture, church chairs and movable upholstered seating for multi-use church facilities.

Please call Bo Johnson, 1-800-962-2698, for answers to your questions about church pew restoration, pew refinishing, and conservation of antique church pews.

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