Baptistries - A baptistry adds beauty as well as convenience to your Church.  A permanent baptistry allows the Church the ability to baptize throughout the year and not having to worry about finding a place for the next baptism.  Our Baptistries are constructed of a fiberglass-polyester resin material. This material allows for a lightweight, yet durable, baptistry that doesn't rot, corrode, or rust, and is easy to maintain. These Baptistries are typically one-piece units with skid-resistant steps. They are economical and relatively easy to install, while offering a variety of features and accessories. You will want to plan ahead, as most manufacturers construct each baptistry as it is ordered, and construction may take several weeks to more than a month.   Baptistries come in blue, white or bone colors and are textured for slip resistance.

If you plan to leave water in the baptistry continuously, we offer Premium Plus Option.  This process assures an extra level of protection from blistering and spotting caused by extended water contact. 

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Read this  helpful information before you buy a baptistry.

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 Portable Baptistries

Portable Baptistries 

Portable Baptistries solve the 'where' and 'when' problem for small churches.  A Portable baptistry can be set up quickly and stored out of the way when not need. 

Portable Baptistries are often purchased when there isn't a permanent location for a built-in baptistry, and they are also great for churches on a budget.  A portable baptistry is the perfect choice for a growing church as well when it can't commit to a built-in baptistry due to the possibility of a move in the near future.

Information you should know before you buy a baptistry.

baptistry Size and Location

The first step in assessing your congregation's needs is to decide where your baptistry will be placed and what the minimum and maximum measurements are for the baptistry. In existing buildings, you will also need to consider the size of the entryway and doorways through which your baptistry will need to fit in order to reach its final location. Once filled with water and people, a baptistry becomes much heavier. Check the construction of your building to make sure it can adequately support the necessary weight. For some churches, a portable (smaller, movable unit) or split version (sold in two pieces that fit through doorways and fit together at the final destination) may be the best option. Remember that locating the baptistry near existing plumbing will make things simpler and much less expensive.


baptistry Features and Cost

Once you have determined what size you need and have set an appropriate budget for your church, you can consider the many features that are available. Baptistries are available with a single-entry or dual-entry (one or two sets of interior steps). Most baptistry models can be fitted with an optional plexi-glass view window. If a window is not in your budget or is not functional for your baptistry's placement, a mirror can assist the congregation in viewing baptisms as well. Many models can be made in a "stand-behind" or "dry minister" version to allow the person baptizing the candidate to stand outside the baptistry and remain dry. A child's seat can assist in baptizing children or the infirm. Some other options include a cover, a drip landing, and exterior steps.


baptistry Heater

Unless your baptistry will be directly plumbed to a hot water source, you will need a baptistry water heater to keep the water warm. Permanently installed electric heaters are usually available in 5.5kw or 6kw models for an average size baptistry and 10kw or 11kw models for larger versions. A gas water heater may better suit your needs and operate at a lower monthly rate, but it is initially more expensive. Each of these heaters circulates the water in order to keep it uniformly temperate. An immersion or "drop-in" heater, which is put into the water several hours before use and removed after the water is heated, is often the best option for portable or small baptistry models. Most heating systems come with a one-year limited warranty.


baptistry Draining & Filling

Devices for filling and draining your baptistry can be automatic or manual. The automatic systems typically work in conjunction with the heater and may be outfitted with a timer and control panel for a convenient "universal" control center to manage the entire system. Manual options, such as a manual drain and overflow, fill faucet, or wall spout, work much like the fixtures in a bath tub and, while they lack the ease of a timer and automatic controls, are simple to use and much less expensive.


baptistry Installation

Once you have purchased your dream baptistry, you will need to install it properly in order to secure the warranty and ensure a long life for your purchase. Many manufacturers suggest waiting until the baptistry arrives to frame for it. Most Baptistries arrive without a pre-drilled drain hole to ensure the drain placement is right for your situation. It is usually recommended that the drain is placed in a corner, as opposed to the middle of the unit. The best option is to secure the services of a licensed, experienced plumber or contractor to install your baptistry. It is also recommended that a licensed electrician install the heating system. Always read all instructions and suggestions from the manufacturer(s) before installing the baptistry, heater, or any other equipment. This may save you time and money as well as aggravation. If you run into a problem, call your sales representative for help.


baptistry Maintenance

After your unit is installed, be sure to protect your investment. Unless it is specifically built to hold water constantly, drain it after each use and wipe it clean. Never use abrasive, caustic, or acidic cleaners on fiberglass Baptistries. If it is filled for more than a day, consult a pool/spa supply company to see if an algaecide is necessary for local water. Make sure any chemicals used are marked safe for polyester resins, and dilute tablets or powders into liquid before putting them into your baptistry. To maintain the best finish possible, wax your baptistry a couple of times each year with a mild wax. Contact the manufacturer at the first sign of any problem with your baptistry; there may be a simple solution if the problem is acted upon quickly.


baptistry Dangers

Most importantly, protect your church family. Any accessible water can present a danger to unsupervised children. Keep the baptistry area locked or supervised at all times when the baptistry is filled. Also, make sure all electrical baptistry accessories are run through a ground fault interrupter to protect from electrical shock. Never stand in or near water with a microphone or other electrical device. Have all electrical devices checked annually by a professional.

Thanks to Gerry L. Cofield for providing us his excellent advise on purchasing a baptistry.

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