Baptistries - A baptistery adds beauty as well as convenience to your Church.  A permanent baptistery allows the Church the ability to baptize throughout the year and not having to worry about finding a place for the next baptism.  Our baptistries are made of fiberglass with smooth gelcoat interiors that will last for years of worry freed service.  We have a selection that allows the minister to remain dry (stands outside the baptistery during baptism), double entry baptistery, single entry baptistery from either the right or left, compact baptistery models and portable baptistries .  Baptistries come in blue, white or bone colors and are textured for slip resistance.

If you plan to leave water in the baptistery continuously, we offer Premium Plus Option.  This process assures an extra level of protection from blistering and spotting caused by extended water contact. 

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 Portable baptistries

Portable Baptistries 

Portable baptistries solve the 'where' and 'when' problem for small churches.  A Portable Baptistry can be set up quickly and stored out of the way when not need. 

Portable baptistries are often purchased when there isn't a permanent location for a built-in baptistry, and they are also great for churches on a budget.  A portable baptistry is the perfect choice for a growing church as well when it can't commit to a built-in baptistry due to the possibility of a move in the near future.

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