Baptistry Heaters

Baptistry Heaters are a necessity for a new baptistry to make the water comfortable and to prevent frozen pipes that may cause a disaster in your church caused by water leaking out of the baptistry.  A reliable Baptistry Heater like the BES 6000 Series can keep the water warm and is economical to operate.  We also have Baptistry Immersion Heaters for smaller baptistries and any accessories needed to install the heater.

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Factory Baptistery Heater Installation Includes:

Mounting the baptistry heater to a special platform, drilling all the necessary holes and connecting all necessary fittings to the baptistery, and if you purchase the auto fill, it will be installed and connected at no additional charge.

For the drain baptistry portion, we will drill any necessary holes for easy assembly once our baptistery is in place, and if you purchase the auto drain, we will temporarily assemble and check for proper operation.

Your new baptistry heater unit is easily turned on and off with push-button air switches that are mounted on the top surface of the baptistery.  We then fill your baptistery and test run all heater components for a minimum of one hour to ensure proper operation.

When you receive your baptistery, all you need do is connect your water supply, install drain components and hook your power source to the main heater.

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 Baptistry Heaters

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