Church Pews Refurbished for
All Saints Episcopal Church, Atlanta, GA

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Church Pews Refurbished By Suburban Church Supply

All Saints Episcopal Church, Atlanta, GA needed to upgrade and refurbish their sanctuary, while preserving their beautiful pews dating to the early 1900’s.  The Suburban Church Supply team made several trips to Atlanta,  taking careful measurements and numerous pictures.  We then met with the church committee and presented our plan to refurbish these pews.  After careful consideration, the church called us to do the work needed.    We sent our truck and crew to this church, removed the pews, kneelers and screens; brought them back to our factory to refinish to like new condition.  The Church used this time to complete the painting, flooring and repair work to the sanctuary.  At a date determined by the church, our truck and crew brought the refurbished pews, kneelers and screens back to the Church and reinstalled in the newly painted Sanctuary.  The Church is very pleased with the work done and the time frame completed.  The pews, with a wood grain that cannot be replaced in today’s market, are beautiful and will remain a focal point of the All Saints Episcopal sanctuary for years to come. 

When it is time to revamp your Church Sanctuary call us for an estimate on refinishing and/or reupholstering your pews.  Your pews are a very large investment, both monetarily and the beauty of your worship sanctuary.  Let us help you restore and maintain this investment.  Also call us for new pews to replace your existing pews or furnish your new sanctuary.

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