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Church Pews For Sales -  As one of the Nation’s leading pew manufacturing companies, we build the finest  church pews, courtroom seating, funeral home seating, worship seating and synagogue seating in the country. With our many years of experience, we will be happy to answer your church pew sales questions as you plan your church seating requirements.   We can provide you with computer generated drawings (CAD) of your pew layout design.  Once you place your church pews order with us, upon request, we provide the unique service of e-mailing you photographs of your pews during manufacture.  You can visually track your pews as they go through our manufacturing process.  We can also help you with tables, pulpit furniture and podiums to match your pews or seating.

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Church Pew End Photo 1
Pew End S-WF 602

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Pew End C-WF 602

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Pew End S-WF 606


pews - colonial finish

Wood pews example

Kneelers Can Be Added To Pews

Kneelers for Pews  church pews with kneeler

Church Pews For Sale - Suburban Church Supply's primary business is new church pew sales directly to churches, but we also custom build courtroom seating and courtroom furniture. Yes we do carry all types of church furniture, like church chairs, church pulpits, communion tables, podiums, pulpit chairs and even church steeples and baptistries, but our specialties are church pew sales and church pew refinishing. 

“No one beats Suburban Church Supply for customer service and value”

Used Church Pews For Sale. We sometimes have used church pews for sale or used church furniture for sale when we are working with existing churches replacing their church pews. Most of these church pews have damage of some kind, are not classified as antique church pews or vintage church pews sometimes wanted by collectors. Old church pews are for sale to make room for the new church seating being manufactured.  Free pews are sometimes available and donated to other churches. The used pews usually will have to be transported by the gaining church. These used church pews can be refinished and last for years of service. You may also find used church chairs, used church podiums, used pulpits, used folding chairs or used choir chairs when churches are replacing everything in the sanctuary. Give us a call from time to time and we can advise you where you might find used church furnishings.

Suburban Pew Refinishing at  can help you refinish these old church pews at a fraction of the cost of new pews, and we can get the job done on only about a week if your church is in the Southeastern United States.  If you have Dumas church pews, Sauder church pews or any other brand of church pews and they need refinishing, call the expert pew refinishers here at Suburban and we can make the good as new.

Church Pews Defined - People sometimes spell pew as pue or pugh.  I suppose it can be confusing at times.  Church pews have many names, so the pew definition used here is usually all wood or upholstered wood benches associated with churches. This same type church bench is commonly used in courtrooms and for funeral home seating and are sometimes used for outdoor seating as well.  Suburban has been in business for over 30 years and we have the best pews available anywhere.

used church pews for sale

Church Pew Customer Service - There are other places to buy pews like Sauder Manufacturing and they do make excellent products, but no one beats Suburban Church Supply for customer service and value.  Our church pews are manufactured by the best craftsmen and we use the latest machinery to create exceptionally good church pews, church chairs, communion tables and other church furniture. Our church pews can be made with accessories like pew kneeler and song book racks. We are a one stop church furniture store and can provide all the accessories for our sanctuary or building in addition to church pews.  So when you need church pews or church equipment, come to the experts here at Suburban.

Church Pew Sales - New church pew prices vary because they are all custom made.  Pew size, pew design, church pew dimensions, and church pew upholstery can make pew prices very different from one order to the next. We manufacture small church pews, long church pews, upholstered church pews and refinish any brand of church pews.

We will work with your church from start to end to make sure you get exactly what you need for your church.  We will come to your church for a presentation to your staff and then follow through until the pews are installed in the church to make sure everything is right.  The church pew ends define church pews and the design and quality engineering make them comfortable. We will do everything we can to make everything as easy as possible. 

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Worship Seating Military Chapels - We work with military bases and Army Posts throughout the Southeast to provide chapel benches and worship seating for the military. WE have supplied military facilities like Ft. Benning, Georgia and Ft. Rucker, Alabama pew benches and chapel furniture for over 30 years. 

More Examples Here

Follow the pew manufacturing process in photos.  We can provide every customer with photographs of their order as the pews are being built, upon request. If you purchase your church pews or church furniture from us, you may request photographs of your order once it enters production. We will take high quality digital photographs of your order and e-mail them to you, normally within a couple of hours. You will be able to visually track your order throughout our manufacturing process. This close coordination is just one thing that sets our customer service above other companies.


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