Church Pew End Styles & Pew finishes

Church Pew Photos 1
Pew End S-WF 602


Church Pew Photos 2
Pew End C-WF 602


Church Pew Photos 3
Pew End S-WF 606


Church Pew Photos 4
Pew End C-WF 606


Church Pew End Photo 5
Pew End C-502


Church Pew 6
Pew End S-510


church pews photos 66
Pew End S-512


church pews 7
Pew End S-508


church pews 8
Pew End C-504


pew end photos 89
Pew End S-702


pew end photos 9
Pew End S-704


pew end photos 90
Pew End S-506


Pew End S-WF 302


Pew End C-202

Pew End S-708

church pews 33
Pew End S-WF 602


church pews 44
Pew End S-216

church pews 55
Pew End S-204

Our Church pews and pew components are made using only first quality wood and has been since 1928.  As one of the nation’s leading pew manufacturing companies, we build the finest pews for churches, courtroom facilities, funeral homes, private chapels and military facilities.  With our many years of experience, we will be happy to answer your questions as you plan your church seating requirements.   We can provide you with computer generated drawings (CAD) of your pew layout design.  We can also help you with pulpit furniture (both standard and custom) fiberglass steeples and baptisteries and baptistery heaters, stained glass windows.

Call Suburban Church Supply TOLL FREE at 1-800-962-2698


Pew Stain Colors

Custom stains are available to match existing furniture or architectural features of your building.

Church Pews and Pew Finishes

Church Pew Finishes,  Cherry 2575
Cherry 2575

Church Pew Finishes,  Cherry 5050
Cherry 5050

Church Pew Finishes,  Fruitwood

Church Pew Finishes,  Fruitwood 2575
Fruitwood 2575

Church Pew Finishes,  Fruitwood 5050
Fruitwood 5050

Church Pew Finishes,  Light Oak
Light Oak

Church Pew Finishes,  Light Oak 2575
Light Oak 2575

Church Pew Finishes,  Light Oak 5050
Light Oak 5050

Church Pew Finishes,  Mahogany

Church Pew Finishes,  Mahogany 2575
Mahogany 2575

Church Pew Finishes,  Mahogany 5050
Mahogany 5050

Church Pew Finishes,  Maple

Church Pew Finishes,  Mahogany 257502
Maple 2575

Church Pew Finishes,  Maple 5050
Maple 5050

Church Pew Finishes,  Pacan

Church Pew Finishes,  Pecan 2575
Pecan 2575

Church Pew Finishes,  Pecan 5050
Pecan 5050

Church Pew Finishes,  Walnut

Church Pew Finishes,  Walnut 2575
Walnut 2575

Church Pew Finishes,  walnut 5050
Walnut 5050




Note: Different species of wood and often times different pieces of the same species of wood will take the same stain differently; and thus, produce varying effects in depth and tone of color. At the time of your final selection, a color wood chip will be furnished for your final review and approval. We can also match most any color sample the customer provides. Contact our office to discuss our color matching process.


Pew Fabric Colors

There are hundreds of different fabric colors and patterns available for your church pews. Below you will find links to fabric pallets to see the many designs and colors. Click samples below for larger view.

Church Pew Fabrics Abbey


Church Pew Fabrics Allure


Church Pew Fabrics Canterbury


Church Pew Fabrics Divine


Church Pew Fabrics Divinity


Church Pew Fabrics Hewitt


Church Pew Fabrics Interweave


Church Pew Fabrics Interweave


Church Pew Fabrics Jewel


Church Pew Fabrics Lancaster


Church Pew Fabrics Sherpa-&-Shire


Church Pew Fabrics Sherpa-&-Shire


Church Pew Fabrics Sherpa-&-Shire


Church Pew Fabrics Venus


Church Pew Fabrics 1



Church pews have been our business for 30+ years at Suburban Church Supply.  Natural wood pews are the classic worship seating and furniture. Our commitment  has remained firm in providing quality church pews  and church furniture across the Southeast. As  one of the nations leading sellers of wood pews, church furniture and courthouse  furniture, we take seriously the goal of carrying on this tradition.

Our  all wood pews, furniture, and worship seating is second to none and utilizes only the finest  materials. Our construction techniques combine modern technology with  time-honored craftsmanship. Thousands of  installations attest to the durability and beauty of quality hard wood  pews.

Church Pews For Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi & Eastern Tennessee

 We highly recommend red oak and sycamore for its hardness and strength rating. The timeless  attraction to this natural resource is in the richness and warmth of wood.  The unique color and character of each individual piece of lumber is brought to life once finished.  Precatalyzed lacquer with a satin, or gloss finish is applied as a final step to insure  the beauty and quality of our pews for years to come.

For special effect and individuality, we provide  pews of sycamore lumber (a grain like birch) and heart  pine lumber.   We will be happy to make an appointment or send you a catalog.

Whether it's adding, renovating or new construction, choose  the name you can trust,  Suburban Church Supply at .


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