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Church Pews for Alabama, Florida, Georgia, & Mississippi

Church Pews for Alabama, Florida, Georgia, & Mississippi is the Specialty of Suburban Church Furniture.


(PRLog.Org) Oct 21, 2007

Church Pews
Suburban Church Furniture, located in Eufaula, Alabama, specializes in church pews for Alabama, Florida, Georgia, & Mississippi. They have been in the church pew and church furniture business for over 25 years and have built a solid reputation for quality church pews and honest customer service.

Church Pews must have two characteristics - Quality and Beauty. The beautiful solid wood pews built and sold by Suburban Church Furniture will add beauty to any church facility and will last for generations. These church pews come in many styles and are quite affordable. To see the many pew styles available and see how they are constructed, visit . Suburban can also help you with church pew refinishing or church pew upholstery. Pews can now be factory refinished in less than one week.

Church Chairs
Suburban also has church chairs and worship seating from Chancellor Chairs and other chair manufacturers. A better term for some of these chairs is moveable church seating, because they can be made to look like permanent church seating. They are actually moveable 1,2, and 3-position chairs that can be locked together to form theater type seating. If your church can not afford custom wood pews, you may want to consider these beautiful chairs as your church seating option. See all the seating options at .

Again, I must remind you that Suburban Church Furniture only takes orders for Pews, Church Furniture and Church Chairs for the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi. Limiting business to these four states keeps shipping charges for heavy church furniture down so that churches can afford the best pews and other church seating. Pews and chancel furniture are delivered by their own trucks, so there are no separate shipping problems when you order pews or other church furnishings from Suburban Church Furniture.

Remember, if your church is in the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, or Mississippi, you have a friend in Suburban Church Furniture. Call Bo Johnson at 1-800-962-2698 to get a free estimate or visit them on-line at .

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