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Suburban Church Supply provides Church Pews, Church Furniture, and Courtroom Seating to churches,  funeral homes, municipalities and military facilities.    We have Steeples and Steeple Accessories, Baptistries, Baptistery Heaters and Accessories, Stained Glass Windows and Restoration of antique and/or damaged stained glass windows, Carpet sales and installation.  We offer computer generated pew lay-out (CAD) to help you design your pew arrangement and assure the optimum use of your facility. This furniture comes from the finest pew manufacturing company in the Southeast that has been in continuous operation since 1928.

Church Pews - 5 Things To Know Before Buying

church pews for sale what to knowChurch Pews are a large investment for your church, so there are several things you need to know before you buy new church pews.  We want to make sure our church pew customers are fully informed about our manufacturing process so you can make a good decision when you order church pews from Suburban Church Supply.  We use only quality materials during the church pew manufacturing process so the pews will last for generations and you will be happy with the finished product.  We use our own in-house church pew installers to install your pews, and we are fully insured so that you will not loose your investment if something unforeseen happens during manufacturing and shipment.  For more, please read
“Church Pews - 5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying”.



Church Pews sold by Suburban Church Supply

Pew Refinishing - We have a complete pew refinishing and upholstery service for your existing pews and furniture

We offer you our many years of experience and will help walk you and your committee through the process of buying furnishings for your new building or renovation of your existing church, courtroom or funeral home.


Baptistries - Babstistry Information you should consider before you purchase

baptistries1Baptistries sold by Suburban Church Supply are the best on the market, so you can be assured that if you buy one of our fiberglass baptistries, you will get value for your money and superior customer service. 

There are several things you should consider, however, before you purchase a new baptistry for your church, especially if you are adding the baptistry to an existing church building.  First is the size and shape of the baptistry.  Baptistries are one-piece molded fiberglass, so a location must be selected that is accessible for the large tank.  It can not be moved through narrow halls and doorways.  The location must also have power and plumbing installed. 

Baptistry costs are affected by size, shape and accessories like heaters.  Other things to consider are maintenance, filling and draining the water and security.  When a baptistry is not in use, it can become a danger for small children.  Safeguards must be in place for safety.

We have included more detailed information for you to consider, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  For more detailed information see Babstistry Information You Should Consider Before You Purchase.

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Church Pews on Pinerest by Suburban Church Supply

CChurch Pews, Church Furniture and Courthouse Seatinghurch Pews, Church Furniture and Courtroom Seating -  Suburban Church supplied pews and hardwood bench seating to churches, military bases, funeral homes and courthouses in the Southeast for over 30 years.  Our pews are made with the finest solid hardwoods and fabrics in the country. Church Pews and court benches built of solid hardwood are the most well constructed furniture you can buy and will last for decades. We have matching pulpits and pulpit furniture and can custom design worship seating to fit your church facility and your budget.


We are  committed to excellence and promise to help ensure your complete satisfaction with your new pews and furniture. Contact Bo Johnson today at 1-800-962-2698 or see Church Pew Information here.


We sell church pews and church furniture primarily to churches in the southeastern United States including Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina.


Church Furniture -  In addition to church pews, our church supply products Include pulpits, communion tables, pulpit chairs, courthouse benches, pew kneelers, sanctuary chairs, outdoor benches, choir chairs, podiums & lecterns, collection tables, flower stands, tithe boxes, communion rails, prayer altars, frontal screens, hymn boards and other assorted church furniture items. 


church pew refinishing

Reupholster or Refinish Your Pews - If your church pews look tired and worn, we can help.  Do your church pews have slight cracks and separations at the joints of the wood? You may need pew refinishing or pew upholstery. Most church pews and other church furnishings would cost thousands of dollars at today's prices to replace, probably 3 to 4 times what they originally cost. We can provide pew refinishing and pew upholstery for about 50 - 60% of the cost of new church pews.
Give us a call or read more about Church Pew Refinishing.


church steeples for sale
Church Steeples & Capulas
- Surban supplies quality fiberglass church steeples and cupolas for new construction or additions.  Many styles of the steeples and capulas are available so please call us at1-800-962-2698  to help you decide how tall your steeple needs to be, how wide the base should be and what options are available for your steeple selection. See some of the many styles of steeples available at Church Steeples.



Baptistries - A fiberglass baptistry adds beauty as well as convenience to your Church.  A permanent baptistry allows the Church the ability to baptize throughout the year and not having to worry about finding a place for the next baptism.  We have a selection of baptistries that allows the minister to remain dry (stands outside the baptistry during baptism), double entry baptistries, single entry baptistries from either the right or left, compact baptistries models and portable baptistries. We also supply baptistry heaters and installation. See some of the models available at Baptistries.


pulpits and podiums for salePulpits & Podiums - Solid wood pulpits and podiums are available in a variety of styles in natural wood or Colonial White. Pulpits are available in oak or sycamore in natural stained or painted, and are available individually or in furniture sets. Pulpit wood finishes include natural, mahogany, maple, fruitwood, walnut, pecan, cherry, light oak, bright white and cream white or any desired custom finish.  
Read more about Pulpits & Podiums.



church pulpit chairs for salePulpit Chairs - Pulpit Chairs are made variety of styles, wood types, finishes and upholstery colors, and can be ordered individually or in sets to match your pulpit and other church furniture. Pulpit chairs are made from the very best hard woods, and can be finished to any color of stain or painted white with natural wood trim. Our pulpit chairs will often last for many years and can be reupholstered several times over the life of the chair.
Read more about Pulpit Chairs.




choir chairs for sale

Choir Chairs and Church Chairs - Choir Chairs and Church Chairs made of solid wood or medal frames, with upholstered seats and backs or metal frames. These chairs are made from the very best hard woods, and can be finished to any color of stain or painted white with natural wood trim, and are stackable. Metal frame chairs are available with a variety of fabric colors.   See more information about Church Chairs.



communion tables for saleCommunion Tables - Communion Tables  are available in many styles, finishes and wood types.  Communion tables are made in oak or sycamore in natural finish, stained or painted and will add distinction to your church sanctuary.  Our communion tables have clean lines with traditional or modern trim to insure you get a communion table that fits your church’s decor and your budget.    Read more about Communion Tables.



church podiums for saleFlower Stands, Church Tables, Wall Crosses & Other Church Furnishings - Suburban also supplies wood church furnishings, custom made in oak or sycamore in natural finish or painted finish. These church furnishings include small church tables, flower stands, lecterns, offering plates, signs, wood crosses, prayer rails, attendance boards and other furnishings to complete your church sanctuary. Read more about Church Furnishings



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